Hong Kong Accounting – Trademark Registration in HK

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A trademark is a sign which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of different undertakings. A trademark may consist of words (including personal names), indications, designs, letters, characters, numerals, figurative elements, colours, sounds, smells, the shape of goods or their packaging and any combination of such signs. A sign can be registered as a trademark only when it is capable of being represented graphically.

Once a trademark is registered, the applicant has the right to exclusively use such trademark in respect of such goods and services. Any one who uses a mark identical with or similar to the registered trademark of the same or similar merchandises or services in Hong Kong without permission will be an infringement of the registered trademark. Any one who uses a well-known trademark, even if it is not applied for the same type of merchandises or services, may also be an infringement of the trademark. If the trademark is not registered, the protection by the law will be very limited as it is hard to identify whether you are the “owner” of the trademark or not.

政府收費:商標申請費 HK$1,300.00
每個貨品或服務類別的申請費 HK$650.00
若遇上知識產權處反對申請, 代辦反對事宜
商標檢索:10天(同一類別沒有已註冊的相同文字商標, 可以申請商標註冊)
申請商標註冊:6-8個月 (等候政府審批,如知識產權處不反對則可安排刊登憲報)